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  • Trubostal DOO Subotica

    For sale is a complete
    production facility with all machines

  • Trubostal doo Subotica

    We have the state-of-art machines
    for the production of pipes of all sizes

  • Trubostal DOO Subotica

    The possibility of making
    pipe superior quality to the highest standards

What we offer

Trubostal doo Subotica has developed a network of clients in Eastern Europe.

Well established sales network

The advantage Trubostal doo Subotica is very well-established sales network in the whole territory of Eastern Europe.

Great infastructure

Good connections with both the road network (highway to Belgrade and Budapest) and the railway line

A wide range of products

Tubrostal doo Subotica has a wide range of production of all types of pipe diameter 15-60mm

State-of-art machines

All the machines are in compliance with the latest standards of manufacture of pipes

Our products

We have a wide range of products for all purposes

About us

Trubostal doo Subotica is a leading company for the production of metal pipe diameter 15-60mm. Our maximum annual production can reach up to 30,000 tonnes per annum. We are equipped with machinery nowdays. Read more ...


  • How much is the annual production?

    The highest annual output is 30,000 tons.

  • In which countries is exported?

    In all the surrounding countries: Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, ...

  • Where is the company headquarters?

    In the industrial zone of Subotica. Where previously was the company Sever Electro